Industrialization 4.0 (Industry 4.0) - the digital revolution that redefines production

Regardless of the production sector we are talking about, technological innovation is essential for the future of any successful business.

Industry 4.0 represents the new wave in the technological evolution of production, pushing more and more companies to meet the new standards set by a constantly changing market, by transforming production units into ""smart factories"".

This aspect involves the use of software that allows the integration of CNC (Computer Numerical Control), the use of IoT technologies, Big Data & Analytics and the interconnection of systems used in factories.


Data entry and operations planning is done automatically - the time saved can be allocated to activities that produce value to the company. In addition, employees become more productive in the context of an optimized system, and orders are delivered faster.


The data are accurate and presented in the right context and format - resulting in informed and well-documented decisions and, implicitly, better cost and income planning.


Any change can be easily adopted due to flexible systems open to new opportunities, which allow process optimization based on data analysis.


The production process takes place with a low number of interruptions, due to the integration of the systems used with the factory resources (employees, machines, equipment), making possible the simultaneous development of the product and the manufacturing process.

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