All the manufactured products and the services provided by our company are based on the results of a detailed analysis of the beneficiary/user profile, of its specific requirements and needs.

Automation in Industry and Agriculture

We develop applications in/for:

- Automotive Industry

- Food Industry

- Drinking and wastewater infrastructure

- Plastic and rubber Industry

- Installations mounted in potentially explosive environments

- Industry 4.0 technology

- Automation, Robotics and Digitalization


Food Industry - Bakery lines


  • Automatic silo flour management plant
  • Automation of the silo flour transport system, acording to the quantity and quality required by the the technological process (recipe)
  • Automatic dough production plant with recipes and dosing of components specified in each recipe, such as:
    • flour
    • water
    • leaven
    • Automatic weighing and management system located directly on the storage silos
    Various electrical installations and automation

    Wastewater treatment plants

  • Brad City wastewater treatment plant
  • Singeorgiu de Padure City wastewater treatment plant
  • Negresti Oas City wastewater treatment plant
  • Ineu City wastewater treatment plant

  • Wastewater booster pump stations

  • Simleul Silvaniei wastewater booster pump stations
  • Huedin wastewater booster pump stations
  • Wastewater booster pump stations from Foieni, Lazuri and Botiz in Satu Mare county
  • SMS alarming system for emergency situations at the wastewater booster pump stations from Petresti, Satu Mare county

  • Pumping stations - storage tanks

  • Water capture wells, storage tank - Singeorgiu de Padure
  • Water capture wells - Satu Mare City
  • Pumping stations and storage tanks - Brad City
  • Various automations


  • Hydraulic, electrical and automation installation for a hole punching machine for specific holes in sofa frames


  • Pipe beading installation for gas cooking machines
  • Automatic installation for curl pipe cutting

  • SC 3 Brazi SRL Balta Brailei

  • Conveyor belt drive and automation installation for fabric bales reloading fom trucks into the warehouse (1st floor)

  • SC Gotec SRL Satu Mare

  • Phosphating technological line - components for the steering system of vehicles
  • SCADA Systems

    APASERV SA Satu Mare

    Wastewater booster pump systems in Foieni, Botiz and Lazuri rural areas

    The SCADA application developed for the booster pump system in Foieni, Botiz and Lazuri rural areas from Satu Mare county, allows the monitoring of its specific functioning parameters (hidraulical/electrical), at APASERV dispatch - Satu Mare.

    We have been in the market since 1997

    The company was founded in 1997, developed and adapted itself continuously to the market requirements, becoming an important economic agent in its field of activity, with important internal and external partners.

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