13 octombrie 2023

Alcohol intolerance Symptoms & causes

If you’re starting a new medication, it’s always a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider or pharmacist about how your medication can interact […]
3 martie 2023

Los Angeles California

Are you in need of addiction treatment or a safe sober living environment to transition into recovery? Contact us using the form below and we’ll give […]
20 iulie 2022

Matthew Perry Foundation set up to help people with alcohol and drug addiction : NPR

Examples of medical conditions for which it’s safest to avoid drinking include liver disease (such as from hepatitis C), bipolar disorder, abnormal heart rhythm, and […]
16 februarie 2021

Alcoholic Ketoacidosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

The greatest threats to patients with alcoholic ketoacidosis are marked contraction in extracellular fluid volume (resulting in shock), hypokalaemia, hypoglycaemia, and acidosis. To treat alcoholic […]